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Preliminary program

Important information: The full program should be be available by the end of April. The Public Engagement with Antarctic Research (PEAR) Action Group, and the ANTARC-SHIP project consortium  will have their workshops during the event. More information on this will come later.


Keynote speakers

Lewander Lecture

Daniela Liggett

University of Canterbury, New Zeland. 

In search of meaning and recognition: Scholarship in the Antarctic humanities and Social sciences through time

In this presentation, I will track the evolution of the Antarctic humanities and social sciences (HASS) and the development of a multidisciplinary community of HASS scholars within, and beyond, the Scientific Community of Antarcti Research (SCAR). From tentative begginings in the margins of the SCAR ecosytem as two Action Groups – one with the mandate to study and record the history of Antarctic science and the other one pursuing an explanation of the multitude of complex human value systems in relation to the Antarctic continent and Souther Ocean – HASS scholars have self-organized as a community that is now engaged in cutting-edge research across a wide range of disciplines. In addition, Antarctic HASS scholars today are contributing to Antarctic biophysical research, governance, and agenda setting as well as operational decision making within National Antarctic Programmes. Earlier, often purposefully “politically non-threatning’, research has now given way to demonstratably critical and provocative shcolarship that critques and analyses the status quo of Antarctic science and policy and raises difficult questions about, for instance, thorny legal issues related to bioprospecting, fishing or tourism regulation, ethical matters such as intergenerational justice or non-human agency, or cultural considerations, including feminism, heritage and public perceptions of our engagement with the Antarctic, just to name a few. I will explore some of the perceptions of our engagement with the Antarctic. I will explore some of those cutting-edge research projects and conclude by imagining what might be the next frontier in Antarctic HASS scholarship.

Key Note
Antarctic Law

Sandra Balão
Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

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